truth, not once revealed at once;
what does it mean that parable is language of the wise?
riddles, disconcerting for seeming absence of clarity;
obscurantist, or inanely obscure?
the question betrays obscure intent.

the first lesson is humbling enough:
truth, not once revealed at once.


reflections of one who seeks to answer
“why this way and not another?”
perhaps another finds it compelling too.
is it you?

the infinite possibilities,
blank canvas made no more,
this something not nothing,
this particle, this wave, this light.

how to speak and not to speak?
how to turn and not spin?
how to bound and not be bound?
how to set free and be set free?

how to live and not oppress?

what to echo and echoes find?
what antiquity can teach and I be taught?
what modernity has said and oversaid?
what mystery to strive and discover and be covered?

what person to inquire, what compassion be sought?

why story tell and not tell?
why be told at all?
why seed? why tree?
why unity? why diversity?

why space and time? why nothing all at once?
why progression? why revelation?
why body? why life? why death?

why life?


Unless otherwise cited, all material is original and the property of the author.

© 2012 J.D. Isaac

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