look! how the loner conquers!
not a loner for forsaking,
but for the sake of truth,
under the blood-shot glare
of wild-eyed hosts
who scream as one
for blood.
their veins are highways
burning plasma, protruding,
with bursting faces
indignant and self-justified, screaming.
and cursing-hands,
tossing contagion, flicking.
but says the loner
not a word.
but what did he say
to make the crimson bark?
what did he do
to have his heart slowly burst?
to be forsaken,
for sake of the truth?
what did he say?
what did he do?
why is he now silent?
he only speaks
to affirm these,
bursting with accusations.
and goes calmly to the top
of the highest place
resolved to be cast off.
is he a fool?
preserve yourself,
and if right
live in right!
but he goes without protest
to be dug out with a spoon!
for sake of the truth!
in this way
he decides his victory.
how the loner conquers,
not alone,
for sake of the truth.
forsaking all,


Unless otherwise cited, all material is original and the property of the author.

© 2012 J.D. Isaac

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