a clue not for clue’s sake
but for intention’s convergence:
reverberates somewhere unsaid from without, inside,
unexplained by the most
sophisticated double-blind.

unknown stimuli, network relations converging
in intuition,
and give birth to
a great anxiety.
then within, a yearning
to understand.

wherefrom this unease?
call it by name. this its imperative!
a name unknown, yet a name, must be named.
a praise unspoken, yet a praise, be praised.
a shape unshaped, yet a shape, be shaped!

there and not there
but for the right something:
right words, turn of phrase;
right palette, swipe of brush;
right light, angle, frame.
the craftsman’s dilemma for this convergence!

could this be knowing?
what knowledge both finds and is found?
what creature is this?
should be damned?
should be exalted?
am being led? am leading?

seek in order to find,
find in order to seek.
there cannot be a gift
without a giver,
and no giver
without a gift.

no mystery without discovery,
no discovery without mystery.
no anxiety without peace,
no peace without anxiety.
no form without function,
no function without form.

faith seeks understanding,
understanding on the far side.
simplicity, complexity, simplicity…
all in the clue, and not.
not for clue’s sake
but for intention’s convergence.


Unless otherwise cited, all material is original and the property of the author.

© 2012 J.D. Isaac

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