the sudden silence from Roccasecca,
of Dominican, of Aquino
is heavy:
mihi videtur ut palea.”
what reply be offered?

the one from Aosta,
of Bec, of Canterbury
echoes still:
“I seek your face; your face, I seek.”
has his weight been lifted?
who wants to know
“cur deus homo?”

there is a man from Thagaste,
of gens Aurelia, of Hippo
whose voice remains:
“Thou, who are with me, before I am with Thee.”
are we moved beyond?

these are but three,
countless numbers be.

their children must have passed beyond the misty
veil of mystery
into a certain land.
their posterity must have been given the most bounteous
gift ever given
not before given.

so if this gift be
give it to me!
silence these echoes,
the fruit of ignorance!
yet ignorant we
and know nothing certainly except
the echoes of parable,
the riddles of quantum.

their children did pass beyond the misty
veil of mystery
into a certain mist.
their posterity received a gift, a trojan gladly taken
with song and joy
a gift before, eaten.

once in a certain land
between headwaters,
against a certain suzerain
between life and Life.
and ignorant they
to despise the gift
not before given,
before the Presence.

their children passed beyond the certain
veil of certainty,
into a certain toil.
their posterity stumbled about, and the world whirled
silent Word silent
until silent no more.

there is a man from near Damanhur,
of Alexandria, of Nicea
who gained nothing,
“it is not God who imitates men.”
dare the Enlightened turn spurn?

the one from somewhere
of Antioch, Theophorus
sounds out of another,
“first able to suffer, then unable to suffer.”
did beasts consume?
who has inquired and answered of us
“who is Theophorus?”

the blood stained soil,
of Smyrna, Polukarpos
cries out still,
“bring forth what you will!”
does he cry in vain?

these are but three,
countless numbers be.


Unless otherwise cited, all material is original and the property of the author.

© 2012 J.D. Isaac


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