• Seeker, I

    From out the fluorescent homogenous lie
    To the ubiquitous script of pen's pride,
    Born to give, yet still a cup dry;
    To learn, to love, the Seeker, I

When My Daughter Brought The Real

I had a baby the other day. This is such an odd thing for a man to say, and yet I am able to say it in all sincerity. I think the fact that such a strange phrase rolls so easily off the tongue and conscience is because I’ve discovered the process of labor and … Continue reading

New Photo Blog

For those who are following this blog, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a bit. I have a new photoblog that I will also be posting at regularly that you may be interested in. It is here: jdi915.wordpress.com. Hopefully we’ll be able to interact in a visual medium, as well as the written! My best, … Continue reading


look! how the loner conquers! not a loner for forsaking, but for the sake of truth, conquers. under the blood-shot glare of wild-eyed hosts who scream as one for blood. their veins are highways burning plasma, protruding, with bursting faces indignant and self-justified, screaming. and cursing-hands, tossing contagion, flicking. but says the loner not a … Continue reading

An Ode to Envy

Envy, I hate you. under chameleonic guise you slither. like the Crawling Things created and put under authority, yet still one allowed to enter unimpeded, unrestricted, unexecuted, thus you enter — as if the old man still lives, as if an ally you will find — whispering false accusations in, to and against all humankind. … Continue reading

Be Bound

by what be bound? to nothing a wretch. to naught but ought, aught with a right end. what then? not to the breathless, the thing dead from first. not the merely organic, organic does not thought assume. not the mere biologic, whose end be consume and consumed. not mere cognition, intention the thing pursue. a … Continue reading


a clue not for clue’s sake but for intention’s convergence: telos. reverberates somewhere unsaid from without, inside, unexplained by the most sophisticated double-blind. unknown stimuli, network relations converging in intuition, and give birth to a great anxiety. then within, a yearning to understand. wherefrom this unease? call it by name. this its imperative! a name … Continue reading


*for those following, this had been added to About page as well. ———————————————————————————— reflections of one who seeks to answer“why this way and not another?”perhaps another finds it compelling too.is it you? the infinite possibilities, blank canvas made no more,this something not nothing, this particle, this wave, this light.   how to speak and not … Continue reading


the sudden silence from Roccasecca, of Dominican, of Aquino is heavy: “mihi videtur ut palea.” what reply be offered? the one from Aosta, of Bec, of Canterbury echoes still: “I seek your face; your face, I seek.” has his weight been lifted? who wants to know “cur deus homo?” there is a man from Thagaste, … Continue reading


No edge, No balance. No fringe, No center. No wave, No matter. No shape, No nature. —————————————————————– Unless otherwise cited, all material is original and the property of the author. © 2012 J.D. Isaac

Shadow Sea

My dreams cast out into troubled waterswhere storm descended, leviathan surfaced.tossed by violence, darkness, an abysswhen lids unbroken fluttereddown towards their tenuous restwith only a muscle’s twitch to be wrested. Yet they rested, and dreams cast about. There, like the man descending from the Face, tread Ibelow tumultuous gathering of primeval waters, shadows of self … Continue reading


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